Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy late Valentine's Day girlies!

It was a half-day today so I have just enough time to catch y'all up on my valentine's day before I have to leave to meet the girls for iced mochas and a mall trip. I'm sitting here typing this post as I eat the heart-shaped sweet-tarts my ah-mazing, hot, and sweet x20 boyfriend gave me as part of my gift. He also got me a giant stuffed puppy-dog, a dozen red roses, a huge card and a beautiful heart-shaped diamond necklace. He's so cheesy, but it's totally us. He also took me on the sweetest date imaginable...

I looked over myself in the full-length mirror hanging from my walk-in closet wall and smiled at my reflection. I was wearing a low-cut sweetheart floral tank top with my black (faux, PETA-pal here!) leather jacket over it. My dark wash skinny jeggings were tucked into my new pair of black ankle boots. I followed Parker's request and only wore simple diamond studs with no other jewelry.
I snapped a mirror/outfit selfie to the girls and immediately their responses flashed on my iPhone5's screen.

Hollis: 10! Save some gorgeous for us!

Sophie: 10 baby! Looks like someone's got a hot date tonight. (;

I smiled down at the glass screen and as I started to type my reply to the girls, Parker's caller id came up.
Hello gorgeous gal, I blushed and marveled at his sweet greeting, I'm turning down your street now, I'll be at your house in about five minutes.
Sounds great, I said with a smile.
See you soon beautiful.
I ended the call as I walked into my connected bathroom. After a final brush of bronzer across my cheeks (seriously, can summer come already?), I was totally perfect. Just in time too because a second later i heard a car horn and crossed my bedroom to look out the large bay windows.
Parker sat in his red Mustang. I heard the lyrics to a new Lil Wayne song blasting from his stereo. I laughed as he drummed on the steering wheel and his curly dark brown hair flopped down over his gorgeous green eyes.
I turned and quickly grabbed my current Micheal Kors purse off my bed and rushed down the main staircase and into the foyer. I tossed a note onto the side table for my mom, which promised that I'd be home by my 1:00 am curfew. On my way out I locked the front door, admiring my shiny new acrylic nail fill-in, tossed my perfect curls over my shoulder, and hurried over to Parker's car.
The whole car ride Parker refused to tell me where we were going for our date. Finally he turned into the country club's marina and I was stilled confused as to what our date would consist of. Finally he parked the car and ran over to my side to open my door and let me out. He walked me down one of the docks to a large yacht, I gave him a puzzled look.
My dad just bought the new yacht for business, he's using it tomorrow, He explained to me, but for tonight, it's all ours. He said with a grin.
We spent the night cruising around the coast. We had a wonderful dinner out on the deck, where he had strung hundreds of white Christmas lights to make it look like the stars. It had to be the most romantic night of my life. I always feel like a princess, but he made me feel especially like one last night.

I'm wearing the beautiful necklace as we speak, and while I go finish up the little bit of Latin homework I still have to do, tell me how your valentines day went girlies!

You know you love me,
Tewsday Jones

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