Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Friends Forever

Hey Girlies,

I'd like to make a short post just to explain some things to you cute little lovers-of-me. I'll be using Alexandria DeBerry as my face-claim on this blog. No offense, but I don't really feel 100% comfortable putting up pictures of myself for total strangers. Just because I'm using a face claim does NOT mean I'm fake. I may be putting up pictures of myself as well, and everything I post is still MY life. But anyway Alex is totally gorgeous and everyone says she looks just like me. We have the same crazy long, light blonde wavy hair. The same beautiful crystal blue eyes, but the only difference is I'm a lot tanner than her thanks to hours laying out in the sun with the girls and extra long cheer practices in the summer. Bonus!: She's a cheerleader just like me too!

My two best friends in the whole world are Hollis and Sophie. I'll be using celebs for them too. (We do need some privacy).

Hollis has long strawberry-blonde hair that falls in cute ringlets down to her above-average c-cups if you know what I mean. She has emerald green eyes and I've never seen someone pull off freckles so well. Of course over-all she has a light tan with just a sprinkling of dark freckles across her nose.

I'm using Bella Thorne as her face claim although Hollis's hair is a lot lighter, curlier and longer. plus they have different eye colors. But so what, Bella's gorgeous just like Hollis.

Sophie is an exotic beauty, with tan skin, glossy dark brown almost black hair, and legs that go on for a mile. Her wavy hair is super long too, and her chocolatey-brown eyes always are always twinkling. She has the perfect balance of cute, quirky, and glamor.

There's no one more perfect to use for Sophie then the precious Kylie Jenner! Kylie is sooo cute and practically Sophie's twin.

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