Sunday, February 17, 2013

I Heard That You Like the Bad Girls, Honey, is that True?

Car selfies fo dayz
Most people hate Sundays because it means you have to go back to work/school the next morning. I on the other hand, adore Sundays. But I mean who wouldn't when you're the most popular girl at your school? Plus it's always a bonus to show off all the new clothes you bought that weekend.
Speaking of the weekend, me and the girls had such a great one...

I pulled my black Range Rover into Sophie's driveway and honked twice. In a few seconds Soph ran out of her house and got into my car. 
Hello gorgeous, I said as she slide into the seat. Every weekend we had a sleepover at one of our houses, alternating each week. We had been doing it since the first night we all hung out, of course back then we had spent our nights doing makeovers and watching movies all night. Now we usually sneak out and go to whatever college party we had been invited to that night. But this weekend we decided to do something more laid back. We were all going to Hollis's for a surprise. 
When we got to Hollis's gate I hit the intercom, We're here chicka, I said into the mic. I'm in the pool house, meet me here, she said as she paged us in. The automatic gate slid open and I drove my Range Rover into their large 10-car garage. Sophie and I grabbed our bags and made our way to the pool
So what's this big surprise you have for us little miss Hollis, I said with a smirk as we enter the steamy room. 
Oh, just this, Hollis says with a wink as she pulls out a joint from her purse. That's what I love about Holl, she has the most innocent look, but she's usually the one with the best ideas for a fun night. (And don't get the wrong idea, we're not a bunch of druggies, we just know how to have a good time. Besides, smoking all the time would totally mess up our lungs for cheer.)
Hey now that's what you call a party! Sophie shouted as she took the rolled paper and smelt it, We haven't done any of this in months!
Well I thought it would give us some inspiration while we use this! Hollis said as she pulled out a vintage Polaroid camera.
This is gonna be so awesome! I smiled as Hollis snapped a photo of me.
My FAVORITE photo of me and Soph!

We had a crazy night but it gets a little hazy towards some parts. Eventually one of us popped open some of Hollis's mom's champagne and then we got the brilliant idea to play paint twister. If you've never played, mainly all you do is pour paint on the circles of  a twister board and play a normal (but very very messy version) of twister. We got some awesome shots, but when we woke up to the mess, we were all really glad her parents were out of town. Hollis called the maids and asked them to clean up, then we all showered, dressed, and headed to the mall.

When I was finished dropping off the girls I headed back to my house. I greated my mother, who was sitting in the living room on the phone, most-likely planning her next wine party at the Jone's estate. I climbed the stairs and entered my large bedroom, tossing my purse onto the bed as I made my way to the bathroom. After a long lavender-infused shower, I got out, picked out my outfit for tomorrow and sat down to write this post. Now time to watch old episodes of Gossip Girl and get my beauty rest.

you know you love me,
Tewsday Jones 

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